About Grumpy - Grumpy

Born: 1957 Montreal - Quebec Canada

Astological Sign: Aquarius

Profession: Retired After 41years In Aerospace

Resides: Cornwall - Ontario Canada

I got the name because I am always grumbling about something (most of it lighthearted though) like quality of service nowadays, shopping carts left all over in the parking lot or people who get off an escalator and stop walking !@#$%^* grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Guess I acquired my father's genes for photography. I started very young with a Kodak Brownie box camera. Then moved on to 35mm and a

2 1/4 (Rollie Twin Reflex).

I stopped taking pictures in the 80's as the collection of prints was piling up. Darkroom activity was also getting expensive as I started to dable with color. I took the odd picture now and then but around 1997 I started carrying the camera more and more; digital was playing on my mind.

In 2005 I moved over to digital with an Olympus Stylus 410 point and shoot. Then I purchased a Fuji S5100 which felt more like a 35mm and gave me more options over the Olympus. In 2007 I purchased a Pentax K200 DSLR and in 2017 bought a Pentax KP which goes with me everywhere now.

My preference is the great outdoors. People are not a favorite subject of mine unless it's a face that tells a story like an old fisherman.

People have told me they like my photos because it makes them feel like they have been there or it's a photo of something they would not think of taking.

I am a right brain person according to the   hyperlink  Herman Dominance Instrument.

Wondering why I have this site? There are several reasons:

- to share my hobby with you

- to maybe give you an idea for a vacation spot

- to let you select a photo for a canvas print or dry mount purchase

- to give me something to do and an easy means for me to go back in time

Love to hear from you

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